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Our Firm’s combined experience approaches 40 years of practice in Michigan courts, and our dedication to the achievement of our Clients’ goals extends to all counties in West Michigan and beyond. From simple legal matters and Client shadowing to complex litigation, our expertise and experience extends to nearly all areas of law. A devotion to the utmost professional, private and expert counseling is what has kept, and what will keep our name prominent in the legal community for years.

We are constantly thinking of ways to better serve our Clients, and our commitment to alternative fee arrangements and flexible installment plans have helped meet hundreds of our Clients’ needs. It is this commitment which has helped us provide numerous Clients with expert legal advice and counseling – without financial ruin – during their most difficult struggles. We continue to offer free consultations to potential Clients, because we feel it is important to explore your legal options before making a commitment that will impact your life.

A lack of understanding and inability to solve a problem in one’s life can produce profound stress and anxiety. Delegating such a matter to professionals can often help alleviate the toll this takes. Please call us so we can help you.

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